The tricuspid valve

The tricuspid valve - Pulmonary Aorta • Only artery to...

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The tricuspid valve Lies at the entrance of the right ventricle Classified as an atrioventricular valve of and AV valve The valve has cusps or piaps that stop the blood from flowing into the atrium This valve has 3 cusps Right Ventricle Receives un-oxygenated blood from the right atrium Pumps the blood to the lungs via the pulmonary valve Pulmonary Valve Referred to as the semilunar valve (exit valve) Blood flows through the open valve into the pulmonary artery
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Unformatted text preview: Pulmonary Aorta • Only artery to carry un-oxygenated blood • Take the blood to the lungs • Divides into the right and left branches enabling it to carry the blood to the right and left lungs Pulmonary vein • Takes blood from the lungs • Only vein to carry oxygenated blood Left Atrium • Thin walled cavity • Receives oxygenated blood from the inferior vena cava...
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