Catapult Report Team 2

Catapult Report Team 2 - Team 2 (BBAs) Sara Chiriboga...

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Team 2 (BBA’s) DMAIC Process – Catapult Competition 12-13-2010 Sara Chiriboga Ashley Smith Kendrick Daniel Alexandra Jakobsen Define The objective of the project is to develop a method through which we can utilize the catapult to accurately hit a specification between 80 and 130 inches. The goal of our project is to shoot the catapult at a specification with the highest amount of accuracy (lowest squared error). The importance of this project is that it will give us the opportunity to look at a process to determine its capabilities and whether or not it is in control. We also get the chance to monitor and improve a process. Measure We defined three variables to measure the process: A – Front Peg B – Stop Pin C – Angle When shooting the catapult, we broke the specification limits of 80 and 130 into segments (stratification) in order to identify and quantify the routine and variance of the process. We tested the various settings of the catapult in order to determine which settings were ideal for the range between 80 and 130 inches. We started out by testing and eliminating the extremes of the process. For instance, any combination that included B6 was nowhere near the specification limits. We used an excel spreadsheet to record our measurements from the observation. (see sheet: Measurements and Variance, excel file) Our observations revealed to us which of the variable combinations were most important (root cause). Analyze After looking at our data we realized that there are combination of variables that have a much higher standard deviation and range. We concluded that the root cause is that some combinations are not as precise as others (see sheet: Measurements and Variance, excel file)
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We believe that this variation can be due to interactions o A 1 degree pullback difference with one combination would have difference of 2 inches o In another combination a 1 degree pullback would give a 10 inch difference With this in mind, human error could come into place. Getting the exact angle every single time is not easy. It would not have been a problem if there were no interactions in
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Catapult Report Team 2 - Team 2 (BBAs) Sara Chiriboga...

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