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Kendrick Daniel Organization & Management January 26, 2009 Coach K and Coach Knight The cases are about two basketball coaches and the strategies they implement for success. The cases illustrate that leadership is something that can take many forms and is often dependent upon the characteristics of an individual. The actions of the coaches have similar results but the ways in which these results are attained are drastically different. The underlying principle of simple and unregulated coaching that relies on emotion and discipline is present in the both of the coaches’ approaches. The ways in which the coaches utilize emotion and implement discipline are where the differences arise. Coach K’s approach is paternalistic because it relies on a certain degree of love and respect. He treats the team as if they are his family and when necessary he is tough on the players. His approach to coaching has an emphasis on close communication with the players. Unlike most coaches, he does not use a whistle to get the attention of the players during practice.
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