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Goodwill Final Report - Kendrick Daniel Social Enterprises...

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Kendrick Daniel Social Enterprises April 22, 2010 Goodwill Final Report In any organization, the internal workings and behaviors of the organization are crucial to the success of the organization. Currently, in the Goodwill Career Center in Duluth, the culture seems to be based solely on the process. By this, I mean that people seemed to be bogged down with how things are done not with what is to be achieved. The career center serves its purpose by producing consistent results, but I feel as if this will not be enough as the organization moves into the future and expands. As mentioned in my initial issues diagnosis, the primary goals of Goodwill career centers are to increase the number of new customers and customer retention. Each of the career centers act as independent entities, which essentially means they compete against one another in the pursuit of their goals. Goals are important in an organization, but it is also important to know your customers and convey meaningful messages to the community. The Duluth career center is not effectively communicating to members of the local community. Throughout my time at the center, I have noticed that members of the community are somewhat confused about the service the career center provides. For instance, many people come in asking if they can have a job. Some members of the community think that the career center is a job placement agency, but the career center only provides members of the community with the tools to find a job. The confusion about the career center does not stop there; there is
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Goodwill Final Report - Kendrick Daniel Social Enterprises...

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