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Final Wine Paper

Final Wine Paper - Executive Summary We are proposing that...

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Executive Summary We are proposing that a British wine distribution company, Laithwaites, consider entering the South Korean market. This company buys wine directly from vineyards in various regions such as France, Australia and Chile and then delivers them to customers. This delivery ensures that the quality, flavor, and uniqueness of the wines it brought to the customers. Laithwaites has a unique distribution system which “delivers wines to your door” and provides two options for its customers: 1) individual wine delivery on request or 2) A Wine Plan program where customers register and receive cases of wine for an extended period of time. The wines are selected by the customer with the help of a wine advisor and/or tasting notes that are provided in the first shipment of wine. This service is attractive to customers who prefer the convenience of delivery and enjoy drinking wine on a regular basis. The purpose of this proposed investment is to capitalize on the steady growth of the wine market in South Korea. Additionally, the Korean market is attractive because it does not have any direct competitors that have already established a wine distribution system. The company’s performance in the past indicates that they are able to differentiate themselves through great customer service which would allow them to potentially gain a greater market share in the Korean market. After analyzing the company’s performance in the United Kingdom and the South Korean market, we determined that the similarities between the two markets allude to successful entry in the new market. We will launch our company in South Korea by establishing a partnership with a local wine importer, the creation of a call center in Korea and partnering with well established companies for customers.
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Company Information Delivered wine accounts for 5 percent of the total wine market in England. Laithwaites accounts for 60 percent of the delivered wine market and 3 percent of the total UK wine market 1 (wine-international). This company buys wine directly from the vineyards of various regions around the world. The large wine assortment provided by Laithwaties is increasingly attractive to customers because it gives them the opportunity to taste and learn about wines from regions all over the world. The company delivers wine to over 700,000 customers by using its unique distribution system that “delivers wines to your door.” The company has two main distribution options: 1) individual wine delivery when requested and 2) Wine Plans . The plans range from 6 to 24 bottles a year delivered to customers at various intervals. These plans allows customers to try an array of wines for a short period of time and then customers may decide if they want to stay with the same or venture out with new wine selections. Wine bottles within the wine plan program are approximately $15 and they include service from wine advisors, which we elaborate on later in the report. (Appendix 1). The services provided by Laithwates are
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