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abeam at right angles to a ship

abeam at right angles to a ship - availed was of use help...

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abeam  at right angles to a ship's length or keel. acanthus  any of a genus of thistlelike plants with lobed, often spiny leaves and long spikes of white  or colored flowers, found in the Mediterranean region. adjutant  an assistant. aegis  a shield borne by Zeus and, later, by his daughter Athena and occasionally by Apollo. affrighted  [Archaic] frightened; terrified. appease  to pacify or quiet, esp. by giving in to the demands of. auguries  divinations from omens. augury  divination from omens. auspices  omens, such as may be revealed in the flight of birds. auspicious  of good omen; boding well for the future; favorable; propitious.
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Unformatted text preview: availed was of use, help, worth, or advantage (to), as in accomplishing an end. baleful harmful or threatening harm or evil; ominous; deadly. bastion any fortified place; strong defense or bulwark. bedew to make wet with or as if with drops of dew. bemused muddled, stupefied, or preoccupied. benefactions acts of doing good or helping others. bestriding [Archaic] striding over or across. disport to indulge in amusement; play; frolic. halyard a rope or tackle for raising or lowering a flag, sail, etc....
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