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After the Trojans leave Carthage

After the Trojans leave Carthage - After the Trojans leave...

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Unformatted text preview: After the Trojans leave Carthage, another storm drives them back to Sicily, where Acestës again gives them a warm welcome. A year has passed since the death of Anchises, in whose honor sacrifices are now made and funeral games are held. Juno, acting through the goddess Iris, incites the Trojan women — tired after seven years of wandering and ready to settle permanently — to burn the ships. Entreated by Aeneas, Jupiter puts out the fire with rain, saving all but four of the ships. Aeneas, advised by Anchises's ghost, permits any Trojan who wishes to remain in Sicily to do so. Those who want to continue on to Italy are about to sail when Venus, fearing that Juno will again cause trouble, asks the sea god Neptune to guarantee a safe voyage for her son. Neptune does as Venus asks in exchange for one human life, which turns out to be that of Aeneas's ship's pilot,...
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