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allycumpain  elecampane, a tall, hairy perennial plant of the composite family, having flower heads  with many slender, yellow rays. Barlow knife  a jackknife with one blade. bars  a thing that blocks the way or prevents entrance or further movement, as in a sandbar. bilgewater  water that collects in the bilge of a ship, slang for worthless or silly talk. black slouch  a felt hat with a broad, floppy rim. blame  a milder slang alternative for "damned." bowie  a steel knife about fifteen inches long, with a single edge, usually carried in a sheath. buckle  to paddle hard.
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Unformatted text preview: bullyragged scolded, chastised. Cairo city in southern Illinois, at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. calico a printed cotton fabric. camp-meeting here, a religious revival. Capet Hugh Capet, king of France (987-996); here, the duke's reference to the king. carpet-bag an old-fashioned type of traveling bag, made of carpeting. Congress-water mineral water from Saratoga said to have medicinal properities. consumption tuberculosis. corn-pone corn meal. cravats neckerchiefs or scarves. curry-comb a metal comb....
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