Clytaemestra informs the elders that Troy has fallen

Clytaemestra informs the elders that Troy has fallen -...

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Unformatted text preview: Clytaemestra informs the elders that Troy has fallen. They accept this news doubtfully and ask for proof. She tells them about the system of beacons on hilltops and islands between Troy and Argos that she arranged with Agamemnon and gives a vivid description of how the news reached her. Clytaemestra gives free rein to her imagination and goes on to describe the situation in the conquered city. She visualizes the Greek army looting and pillaging in the ruins of Troy while the defeated inhabitants mourn. Clytaemestra points out that the voyage home is long and dangerous, and expresses the hope that the Greeks have not committed any sacrilege in Troy that would offend the gods. The first speech of Clytaemestra is particularly appropriate after the story of the sacrifice of Iphigenia, for she is the human embodiment of the bitterness and wrath engendered by the sacrifice...
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