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colloquies  conversations; esp., formal discussions. combers  large waves that roll over or break on a beach, reef, etc. conflagration  a big, destructive fire. conflagrations  big, destructive fires. contentious  always ready to argue; quarrelsome. copse  a thicket of small trees or shrubs; coppice. coracle  a short, roundish boat made as of animal skins or canvas waterproofed and stretched over a  wicker or wooden frame. cortege  a ceremonial funeral procession. cowled  wearing or having a cowl; hooded. cozening  cheating or deceiving. cudgel  a short, thick stick or club. cuirass  a piece of closefitting armor for protecting the breast and back, orig. made of leather. cuirass 
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Unformatted text preview: a piece of closefitting armor for protecting the breast and back, orig. made of leather. curvets in equestrian exhibitions, a movement in which a horse rears, then leaps forward, raising the hind legs just before the forelegs come down. dallying wasting time; loitering. debarked unloaded or departed from a ship. derelict neglectful of duty; remiss; negligent. derided laughed at in contempt or scorn; made fun of; ridiculed. despoiled deprived of something of value by or as by force; robbed; plundered. diadem an ornamental cloth headband worn as a crown. dispensation the ordering of events under divine authority....
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