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dauphin the eldest son of the king of France

dauphin the eldest son of the king of France - monetary...

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dauphin  the eldest son of the king of France, a title used from 1349 to 1830. delirium tremens  involuntary muscle spasm usually associate with drinking alcohol and  characterized by sweating, anxiety, and hallucinations. dog-fennel  any of several weeds or wildflowers of the composite family, having daisylike flower  heads. doggery  a saloon. dog-irons  iron braces used to hold firewood. down in de bills  predestined, foreordained by divine decree or intent. doxolojer  the doxology; a hymn of praise to God. erysipelas  an acute infectious disease of the skin or mucous membranes caused by a  streptococcus and characterized by local inflammation and fever. fan-tods  the nervous fidgets. five-center piece 
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Unformatted text preview: monetary equivalent of a nickel. Nickels were not minted until after the Civil War. foreordination predestination. forty-rod cheap whisky. fox-fire the luminescence of decaying wood and plant remains, caused by various fungi. gabble to talk rapidly and incoherently; jabber; chatter. galoot [Slang] a person, esp. an awkward, ungainly person. gar needlefish. gingham a yarn-dyed cotton cloth, usually woven in stripes, checks, or plaids. habob aristocratic member of the community. harrow a frame with spikes or sharp-edged disks, drawn by a horse or tractor and used for breaking up and leveling plowed ground, covering seeds, rooting up weeds, etc....
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  • Involuntary muscle spasm, acute infectious disease, gar needlefish, dog­irons iron braces, piece monetary equivalent, habob aristocratic member

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