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Doc319 - filed Winsett lJournaliat svmhcl cf the Bohemian...

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Unformatted text preview: filed Winsett lJournaliat; svmhcl cf the Bohemian lifestylel '5 1: 1: .E J: Hewland Archer l‘t’cung hisw 't'erlt Iamer and gentleman who litres I11; the social ccde; he marries May; but falls in love with Ellen, the Countess Dlenskel Mrs. Archer and Janey {Hewlend Archer‘s rncthar and son tcfbroth ertc sistarwho are devoted to him and love to gossip! related n:- ma rries Henr'pt and Louisa May Welland Archer can der Lueden Henna, innocent debuts me who marries Mewland: she ernltetlies New ‘t'crlt's scciel ccnuentic na cf the timel {Descendants of talr'lsttocrec'y'i they.I are the erhiters of New 1I"I:Irlt sociel etiquette] supports in society cousins "'5 rd: 'E E 3. Mr. end Mrs. Welland Ellen. the countess lllenslta {Independent Hiring outside {Indulgant parents, the-.r have raised May to be the perfect societtr wifel scncenfions. she left her rich Polish husband and is a scandal tc New ‘I'erlr; she represents freedom te Newland Arched grandmother so daughter and son-in-Iew of Mrs. Hanson "may,“ guardian and aunt of {flbesm stealthy:I widow. world traveller and friend cf aristecrets and diplomats; she supports Ellenl H rs. Medcre Manson lEcc entlic e um who marries often; she travels and is tolerated by the rest of New York societal ...
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