dominion rule or power to rule

dominion rule or power to rule - firebrands pieces of...

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dominion  rule or power to rule; sovereign authority; sovereignty. embowered  enclosed or sheltered in or as in a bower. emulating  trying, often by imitating or copying, to equal or surpass. enchased  engraved or carved with designs, etc. entreaties  earnest requests; supplications; prayers. erebus  the underworld. expiate  to make amends or reparation for (wrongdoing or guilt); atone for. feigned  [Now rare] fictitious; imagined. festal  of or like a joyous celebration; festive. filial  of, suitable to, or due from a son or daughter.
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Unformatted text preview: firebrands pieces of burning wood. fluke a pointed part of an anchor, designed to catch in the ground. founder to fill with water, as during a storm, and sink: said of a ship or boat. gall rude boldness; impudence; audacity. gittern an early instrument of the guitar family, having an oval body and wire strings. grotto a cavelike summerhouse or shrine. guile slyness and cunning in dealing with others; craftiness. gullets throats or necks. gyves fetters; shackles....
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