During his wanderings

During his wanderings - During his wanderings Aeneas...

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Unformatted text preview: During his wanderings, Aeneas undergoes many hardships. In every instance, he consoles himself by remembering the great destiny of the empire that he is fated to found. With this knowledge to strengthen him, he constantly subordinates his own desires to his dream of a new Rome, an attitude that set an impressive example for many Romans. Aeneas's many personal sacrifices taught Roman citizens that their own personal doubts or complaints about Augustus's government were of little importance compared to the welfare and the needs of society. Individuals had to submerge their petty grievances for the good of all; a strong and centralized state was the only guarantee for peace and unity. Romans also would have been comforted to know that the Aeneid 's gods and goddesses were concerned with Rome's future. Troy's fall is a grave defeat for the Trojans, but it is a necessary condition for the evolution of Rome, which, according to...
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