Ellen - Ellen, the Countess Olenska, fulfills Newland's...

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Unformatted text preview: Ellen, the Countess Olenska, fulfills Newland's longing for an emotional fantasy life. Her words, her unconventional taste in clothing and interior decorating, and her attitudes symbolize the exotic to traditional Newland. She causes him to question his narrow existence and brings out his protective instincts. Where May is ice, Ellen is fire. Ellen's lan and style would be at home in Europe, but seem unduly passionate and unorthodox in New York City. Emotionally, she is the opposite of May Welland Archer. She shows compassion to Regina Beaufort, a fellow victim of social censure. Often she causes Newland to question why everyone must be and act exactly alike. Her tolerance for the mavericks of society reveals her benevolence, a trait unappreciated by New Yorkers. This makes it possible for May to use Ellen's softness to her advantage because she knows that Ellen will never run away with Newland when May reveals her...
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