harried raided

harried raided - b ) of hell. inscribing writing, marking,...

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harried  raided, esp. repeatedly, and ravaged or robbed; pillaged; plundered. hawsers  large ropes used for towing or mooring a ship. heady  impetuous; rash; willful. hoar  having white or gray hair because of age. hummock  a low, rounded hill; knoll; hillock. ilex  holly. immedicable  that cannot be healed; incurable. immured  shut up within or as within walls; imprisoned, confined, or secluded. impend  [Now rare] to hang or be suspended ( over ). impiously  not piously; specif., in a manner lacking reverence, respect, or dutifulness. incendiary  willfully stirring up strife, riot, rebellion, etc. infernal  a ) of the ancient mythological world of the dead 
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Unformatted text preview: b ) of hell. inscribing writing, marking, or engraving (words, symbols, etc.) on some surface. integuments natural outer coverings of the body or of a plant, including skin, shell, hide, husk, or rind. interment the act of interring; burial. interposed introduced (a remark, opinion, etc.) into a conversation, debate, etc.; put in as an interruption. interred put into a grave or tomb; buried. inviolable not to be violated; not to be profaned or injured; sacred. inviolate not violated; kept sacred or unbroken. jape to jest or to play tricks....
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