It is August

It is August - It is August a year later and life has set...

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Unformatted text preview: It is August, a year later, and life has set into a predictable pattern. The Archers spent the winter in the new house and rode in the new brougham the Wellands purchased for them. Newland has arranged his library, met Winsett and young friends for drinks, and he and May have attended the opera. They are back in Newport — Newland rather reluctantly — and it is late summer. It is the Newport Archery Club's annual tournament and May confidently wins. As he watches, Newland is struck by the change in Julius Beaufort's appearance; he has aged considerably and Wall Street rumors say he is in trouble because of speculation. After the tournament May suddenly suggests that they see Old Mrs. Mingott. She shows her grandmother the expensive brooch the Beauforts gave her for winning first place. Then Newland is sent to get Ellen who is visiting for the Beauforts gave her for winning first place....
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