Katniss sees Peeta on

Katniss sees Peeta on - Katniss sees Peeta on-stage for the...

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Unformatted text preview: Katniss sees Peeta on-stage for the first time. He looks healed and healthy, and Katniss runs to his arms. They kiss in front of the audience and continue to kiss even as Caesar Flickerman tries to get them to stop. When they're ready, Katniss and Peeta sit together on the small sofa, Katniss tucking her feet underneath her and resting her head on Peeta's shoulder. She feels a sense of security, stability even, as she sits beside him and they watch the video highlights of the Hunger Games. She can't imagine doing this by herself and wonders how the tributes in the past have managed to. This year's recap video has been shaped as a love story, and Katniss gets to witness, for the first time, how Peeta worked to save her from the start, misleading the Careers and staying awake the whole night when she was pinned up in the tree. She thinks she seems heartless by comparison, whole night when she was pinned up in the tree....
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