kine cows - Africa, used in making incense, perfume, etc....

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kine  cows; cattle. lament  to feel deep sorrow or express it as by weeping or wailing; mourn; grieve. lave  to wash or bathe. legates  governors of a Roman province, or their deputies. legates  governors of Roman provinces, or their deputies. lustral  of, used in, or connected with ceremonial purification. malefactors  evildoers or criminals. marauders  raiders who rove in search of plunder. maw  the throat, gullet, jaws, or oral cavity of a voracious animal. mollifies  makes less intense, severe, or violent. muster  to assemble or summon (troops, etc.), as for inspection, roll call, or service. myrrh  a fragrant, bitter-tasting gum resin exuded from any of several plants of Arabia and East 
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Unformatted text preview: Africa, used in making incense, perfume, etc. northing Naut . the distance due north covered by a vessel traveling on any northerly course. oracular of or like an oracle; wise, prophetic, mysterious, etc. overture an introductory proposal or offer; indication of willingness to negotiate. palpable clear to the mind; obvious; evident; plain. parapets walls or banks used to screen troops from frontal enemy fire, sometimes placed along the top of a rampart. pestilence anything, as a doctrine, regarded as harmful or dangerous....
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