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Most important - Most important the purposes of oral and...

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Unformatted text preview: Most important, the purposes of oral and literary epics are greatly distinct, a difference that has a profound effect on the epics's contents and the ways in which their stories develop. Oral epic was intended primarily to provide diversion and entertainment to its audience, although it also embodied much of the history and folk-wisdom of the culture in which it was created. For example, although the Iliad has a serious theme with many important moral lessons, these teachings are only a by-product of Achilles's story, which is the main reason for the poem's existence. Literary epic, on the other hand, always has a didactic purpose that is foremost in the poet's mind when he composes his work. Poems like the Aeneid communicate serious philosophical, moral, and patriotic messages that subordinate their narrative stories. Because of this subordination, literary epic has a higher degree of subordinate their narrative stories....
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