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Newland stands on the chancel step of Grace Church

Newland stands on the chancel step of Grace Church -...

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Unformatted text preview: Newland stands on the chancel step of Grace Church, waiting for his bride, his mind is utterly in a fog. When Medora Manson enters, Newland strains to see if Ellen has accompanied her, but Ellen has not come. Newland has to be reminded to give May his arm. The ceremony ends and all go to the wedding breakfast. The couple changes after the wedding breakfast, enjoys the traditional rice shower, and goes to the train station where they will journey to a country estate near Skuytercliff. When they arrive, the van der Luyden's servant informs them that they will have to use the Patroon's house because of a water- tank leak. May is excited, but Newland is all the while thinking of his afternoon there last winter with Ellen. The following autumn finds Newland and May in London, having spent three months touring on their honeymoon. They are invited to dinner with a Mrs. Carfry and her sister, acquaintances of Newland's honeymoon....
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