rankled to cause or cause to have long

rankled to cause or cause to have long - berries sanctum...

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rankled  to cause or cause to have long-lasting anger, rancor, resentment, etc. redoubt  a breastwork outside or within a fortification. reparation  a making of amends; making up for a wrong or injury. repose  to rest or lie at rest. requisite  required, as by circumstances; necessary for some purpose; indispensable. retinue  a body of assistants, followers, or servants attending a person of rank or importance; train of  attendants or retainers. rills  little brooks; rivulets. roil  to work hard and continuously; labor. rondure  a circle or sphere; roundness. rout  an overwhelming defeat. rowans  the European mountain ash, a tree with pinnately compound leaves, white flowers, and red 
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Unformatted text preview: berries. sanctum sacred place. scabrous indecent, shocking, improper, scandalous, etc. scion a shoot or bud of a plant, esp. one for planting or grafting. scourges means of inflicting severe punishment, suffering, or vengeance. scruple a feeling of hesitancy, doubt, or uneasiness arising from difficulty in deciding what is right, proper, ethical, etc.; qualm or misgiving about something one thinks is wrong. scud very low, dark, patchy clouds moving swiftly, generally characteristic of bad weather....
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