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Summary1 - Summary Electra asks the women to tell her what...

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Unformatted text preview: Summary Electra asks the women to tell her what words she ought to utter as she pours the libations, for all she can think of is bitter and inappropriate. Is she to say, for instance, that this offering is for a beloved husband from his loving wife even though she knows that Clytaemestra murdered Agamemnon? Or is she to repeat the conventional formula, asking that the spirit repay with kindness those who sent the offerings? The women, who are still devoted to their dead master, advise her to pray for revenge against Aegisthus and Clytaemestra and to ask her father's blessings for herself, Orestes, and all others who hate his murderers. Electra prays to Hermes to carry her message to Agamemnon, then calls upon her father. She asks him to have pity on herself and Orestes, both deprived of their rightful inheritance and status. She is almost a slave, she says, and Orestes is exiled from his homeland, but the murderers live in freedom...
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