The elders attribute Troy

The elders attribute Troy - The elders attribute Troy's...

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Unformatted text preview: The elders attribute Troy's fall to the wrath of Zeus. He always punishes mortal impiety and pride, and Paris sinned by violating the sacred obligations of a guest when he kidnapped Helen from Menelaus. But he was repaid, for the dowry that Helen brought to Paris and the Trojans was death. A terrible war took place in which Greeks as well as Trojans suffered. This war has dragged on for many years and the people of Argos are restive. Their sons and husbands are gone. Every ship brings back the ashes of more dead soldiers. All this hardship has been endured for the sake of a worthless woman, but now the Argives are bitter and war-weary. The elders fear that Agamemnon will be punished for inflicting this burden on his people. The gods, they say, take note of those who are responsible for bloodshed and punish them. The only security is to avoid fame and power.are responsible for bloodshed and punish them....
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