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the nation slang for

the nation slang for - polly-voo franzy parlez-vous...

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the nation  slang for "damnation." Navarre  historical region and former kingdom in northeast Spain and southwest France. Nebokoodneezer  Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylonia who conquered Jerusalem, destroyed the  Temple, and deported many Jews into Babylonia (586 bc). niggers  niggar, originally a dialectal variant of  Negro , the term is a derogatory and vulgar racial slur  directed primarily toward African Americans. nip and tuck  so close that the outcome is uncertain. obsequies  funeral rites or ceremonies. palavering  talking or idly chattering. peart  pert, lively, chipper, or smart. Pilgrim's Progress  a religious allegory by John Bunyan (1678). plug er dog-leg  a plug of cheap chewing tobacco.
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Unformatted text preview: polly-voo franzy parlez-vous Francais , "Do you speak French?" pow-wow to confer, to have an intense discussion; originally from a North American Indian word. predestination the theological doctrine that God foreordained everything that would happen. puncheon floor floor made of a heavy, broad piece of roughly dressed timber with one side hewed flat. pungle to pay. put in her shovel offered an opinion. the quality word used by the South to describe aristocracy, reticule a small handbag or sewing bag, orginally made of needlework and usually having a drawstring. sand in my craw courage....
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