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The next morning

The next morning - The next morning Tom seeks out Huck to...

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Unformatted text preview: The next morning, Tom seeks out Huck to reaffirm that the money and the adventure they experienced the day before is real. He and Huck discuss how they will find "den number two." Tom discovers that "Number Two" is lived in by a young lawyer, and that the other "Number Two" is a room in the Temperance Tavern which is kept locked except late at night. Tom decides that he and Huck will take all the keys they can find and, on a dark night, see what is inside the "Number Two" at the Temperance Tavern. If either sees Injun Joe, he is to follow him in the hopes of discovering the hiding place. On a dark night, Huck stands guard while Tom tries the Temperance Tavern door. Suddenly, Tom comes running down the alley, calling to Huck to follow him. They take refuge in a slaughterhouse just as a tremendous rainstorm begins. Tom explains his fear: The keys wouldn't work, but the door just as a tremendous rainstorm begins....
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