The scene has changed to the outside of Agamemnon

The scene has changed to the outside of Agamemnon - The...

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Unformatted text preview: The scene has changed to the outside of Agamemnon's palace at Argos. Orestes and Pylades knock at the door. A servant answers. Orestes tells him that they are travelers with an important message and are seeking a place to stay for the night. The servant calls Clytaemestra. She comes to the door and welcomes the strangers. After offering them the hospitality of the palace, she asks to hear their message. Orestes says that he and his companion are Daulian merchants, just arrived in Argos from Phocis. On the road to Argos, they encountered Strophius, the king of Phocis, who asked them to inform the parents of Orestes that their son was dead. Clytaemestra begins to lament for the dead Orestes, then invites the two "merchants" to come inside. A moment later, Cilissa, an old woman who was Orestes' nurse when he was a child, comes out of the palace. She tells the chorus that Clytaemestra has sent her to tell the news to Aegisthus and the palace....
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