The Suppliants

The Suppliants - The Suppliants Probably the earliest...

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Unformatted text preview: The Suppliants Probably the earliest surviving tragedy by Aeschylus and thus the earliest extant drama in western literature, it probably dates from around 490 B.C., although there is some evidence to indicate that it may actually have been written as late as 468 B.C. The Suppliants is the first play of a tetralogy which also included The Egyptians and The Daughters of Danaus, and the satyr-play Amymone. It was based on the legends about the fifty daughters of Danaus, who were descendants of Zeus and Io, a mortal woman, and the establishment of the family of Danaus as the royal house of Argos. The Suppliants is of particular interest to literary historians because it seems to represent a stage of development halfway between the choral dithyramb and conventional tragedy the chorus of fifty maidens is the central character of the tragedy, about half the play consists of choral lyrics and much...
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