Twain does not return to Tom and Becky

Twain does not return to Tom and Becky - Twain does not...

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Unformatted text preview: Twain does not return to Tom and Becky's adventures in the cave until Chapter 31, but the reader must remember that both Tom and Becky are in the cave with its many passageways and unknown areas. Although the reader is not aware of it yet, this is the scene of Tom's most perilous adventure and the only one that involves Becky Thatcher. Earlier, Mrs. Thatcher had arranged for Becky to stay with the Harper family, and as a result, Becky and Tom are not missed until church the following morning. With Tom in the cave, we see Huck Finn acting on his own. Until this point, we have only seen Huck in relation to Tom, and when Tom is around, Tom is the leader of the two. He is the one with the education; he is also the one who is a respected member of society and the one who is expected to know what should be done in any situation. Huck has always been agreeable to Tom's suggestions know what should be done in any situation....
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