With the end of school and vacation approaching

With the end of school and vacation approaching - With the...

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Unformatted text preview: With the end of school and vacation approaching, the schoolmaster, Mr. Dobbins, is determined that his students will make a good showing in the school's final examination. Thus he is very liberal in the use of the rod and other punishments. He is very faithful in whipping the younger students vigorously, frequently, and effectively. The smaller boys rack their brains for some suitable revenge against Mr. Dobbins' excessive floggings. They conceive of a wonderful plan, and they swear the sign-painter's boy into their plot because the schoolmaster boards at his father's house. The night set aside for a display of learning arrives, and the school hall is lavishly decorated. Everyone in the town is present. The little folk recite their pieces with great difficulty, pleased only to get it over. The highlight of the night is the reading of original compositions by some of the older girls. get it over....
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