All of this is absolute nonsense to the Mouse

All of this is absolute nonsense to the Mouse - make the...

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All of this is absolute nonsense to the Mouse, and Alice's attempt at further  communication with the Mouse becomes further complicated when she tries to converse  with the Mouse in French. Tactlessly, she chooses the phrase  "Ou est ma chatte?"  Of  course, absurdly, the Mouse understands "cat" ( chatte ) in  any  language, and his initial  apprehension of Alice quickly turns to fear and distrust. He swims away, very offended  and very discomforted. Alice then realizes her blunder, but she keeps blathering away,  describing her cat, Dinah. Alice is clearly out of control. And when she does fully realize  the extent of her offense, she tries to switch the subject to dogs — as if dogs might 
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Unformatted text preview: make the Mouse feel any better. Her tactless bungling then becomes a predominating pattern. Nonetheless, the Mouse offers to tell her his history and why he dislikes cats and dogs, and he forgives her. Curiously, his maturity and politeness is in sharp contrast with Alice's unthinking, cruel lapse of manners. Alice is redeemed here only by the Mouse's having an adult sensibility. He forgives Alice because, as a child, she does not know any better. Chapter II concludes, then, with the pool of tears becoming suddenly filled with a strange menagerie of Wonderland creatures: a Duck, a Dodo, a Lory (a parrot), an Eaglet, and "several other curious creatures."...
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