Cobra - abandoned to achieve true spirituality. Shepherds...

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Cobra:  The cobra is a symbol of danger and strength, especially male potency. Crystal Glassware:  Fragility and clarity are the characteristics represented by the  crystal merchant's crystal glassware. Desert:  The desert is symbolic of all the obstacles and hardships that stand between  people and their dreams. In  The Alchemist , characters learn to accept the desert, even  listen to it. Gold:  Gold represents the knowledge, work, and time necessary to achieve something  desired. Hawks:  Hawks are symbolic of aggression, which can be tamed. Horse:  The horse is a symbol of strength and passion; like hawks, horses can be  tamed. Oasis:  The oasis symbolizes life, love, and domesticity. Pyramids:  The pyramids represent the ancient and inscrutable. Sacristy:  The sacristy represents conventionally sacred things, which often must be 
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Unformatted text preview: abandoned to achieve true spirituality. Shepherds and Sheep: These are symbolic for Coelho of the less-than-extraordinary; for Santiago, the alternative to pursuing his Personal Legend is a return to his life as a shepherd. Stones Named Urim and Thummim: These stones stand for the characters' needs to respond to omens, which are essential motivating factors. Sycamore Tree: This tree represents Egypt, the place where sycamores come from. Thieves: Thieves represent everyone who tries to find a shortcut to his or her Personal Legend; the journey is necessary, according to The Alchemist . Water: Life is synonymous with water in the novel, and perhaps for love too. Well: A symbol of unconditional love, the well, it is there that Santiago meets Fatima....
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Cobra - abandoned to achieve true spirituality. Shepherds...

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