double entendre a term with two meanings

double entendre a term with two meanings - ethereally in a...

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double entendre  a term with two meanings, especially when one of them has a risqué or  indecorous connotation. "dressed by Poole " Lefferts' clothes are from fashionable Saville Row in London where Henry  Poole and Company are tailors to "gentlemen." duologues  a conversation between two people. embonpoint  plumpness; corpulence. epistolary style  of or suitable to letters or letter writing. Here, the distinct manner of the Countess'  letter writing. "Esther . . . Ahasuerus"  a biblical allusion that compares Mrs. van der Luyden's intercession with  her husband to that of Esther, who interceded with Ahasuerus to save her people [Esther 7–9].
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Unformatted text preview: ethereally in a way that is not of the earth; heavenly. fatuity complacent stupidity; smug foolishness. French leave an unauthorized, unnoticed, or unceremonious departure; the act of leaving secretly or in haste. Gorgon in Greek mythology, any of three sisters with snakes for hair, so horrible that the beholder is turned to stone. grand tour a tour of continental Europe, formerly taken by young men of the British aristocracy to complete their education. hackneyed made trite by overuse. heiroglyphic a picture or symbol representing a word, syllable, or sound; hard to interpret or understand....
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