histrionic overacted or overacting

histrionic overacted or overacting - wife Josephine empress...

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histrionic  overacted or overacting; theatrical; artificial; affected. Ida Lewis  Idawalley Zorada Lewis [1842–1911].   The best known lighthouse keeper of her day, she  tended the Lime Rock beacon on a tiny island a mile from Newport. Credited with saving 18 lives,  she became famous for her unconventional life. It is not surprising that Wharton twice mentions Ida  Lewis as Newland views the nontraditional Ellen from afar. Ilium  the Latin name for Troy, an ancient Phrygian city in northwest Asia Minor. importunate  troublesome; annoyingly persistent. imprevu  [Fr.]unforeseen. in extremis  (Lat.) at the point of death. inanition  emptiness; exhaustion; lack of strength or spirit. inscrutably  not easily understood; completely obscure or mysterious. jardiniere  an ornamental bowl, pot, or stand for flowers or plants. Josephine look  a gown in the style of the first French Empire (1804–1815) named after Napoleon's 
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Unformatted text preview: wife, Josephine, empress of France (1804–1809); with a short waist, decollette bodice, flowing skirt, and short, puffed sleeves. labyrinth a complicated, perplexing arrangement, course of affairs, or the like. lapis lazuli an azure-blue, opaque semiprecious stone; a mixture of various minerals. litigants parties to a lawsuit. Mauretania a fashionable British Cunard Line ship which made its maiden voyage in 1907. A sister to the Lusitania which was torpedoed during World War I, the Mauretania was known for its fast ocean crossings. Here, Dallas suggests he and Newland take the Mauretania . mezzotints engravings or prints produced on copper or steel plates by scraping or polishing parts of roughened surfaces to produce impressions of light and shade....
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