Milieu environment

Milieu environment - Milieu environment esp social or...

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Unformatted text preview: Milieu environment; esp., social or cultural setting. Mr. Luther Burbank's...prodigies students of Luther Burbank (1849–1926), an American plant breeder and horticulturist. ormolu imitation gold leaf. parvenu (French) nouveau riche; a person who has suddenly acquired wealth or power. Patience the British name for the card game Solitaire. Patroon a person who held a large estate with manorial rights under a grant from the Dutch government of New Netherland. philippic a long, vehement speech, especially one of denunciation; harangue. polonaise an eighteenth­century dress with the skirt divided in front and worn looped back over an elaborate underskirt. probity uprightness in one's dealings; integrity. proclivities natural or habitual tendencies or inclinations, especially toward something discreditable. repast food and drink for a meal. sarcophagi among the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, limestone coffins or tombs, often inscribed and elaborately ornamented. sedulously persistently and steadily; diligently. Siren Isle (Gr. and Rom. mythology) home of any of several sea nymphs, represented as part bird and part woman, who lure sailors to their death on rocky coasts by seductive singing. Spartan like or characteristic of the Spartans, who were famous for being warlike, brave, stoical, severe, frugal, and highly disciplined. stylographic a fountain pen having a pierced, conical point (rather than a nib) through which the ink flows. ...
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