Prodded by the Englishman

Prodded by the - Prodded by the Englishman Santiago puts aside his feelings for the girl whose name is Fatima and asks her where the man who cures

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Unformatted text preview: Prodded by the Englishman, Santiago puts aside his feelings for the girl, whose name is Fatima, and asks her where the man who cures people's illnesses lives. Fatima points to the south. The Englishman then disappears to find the alchemist, and Fatima leaves with her water. Santiago remains at the well, thinking about her. He knows instinctively that his love for Fatima will "enable him to discover every treasure in the world." Santiago returns to the well the next day hoping to find Fatima. Instead, he encounters the Englishman, who found the alchemist and told him that he wanted to learn the secrets of alchemy. The alchemist asked if he had ever turned lead into gold. No, the Englishman said — that was what he had come to the oasis to learn. "He told me I should try and do so." After the Englishman departs, Fatima arrives at the well. Santiago tells her that he loves her and wants her to be his wife. Fatima Fatima arrives at the well....
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