Queen of Hearts The furious queen of the enchanted garden

Queen of Hearts The furious queen of the enchanted garden -...

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Queen of Hearts  The furious queen of the enchanted garden. She is the real power behind  Wonderland. Her violent and outrageous temper provokes Alice to overturn Wonderland and return  to the world above-ground. The Queen introduces Alice to the Gryphon. Knave of Hearts  The only "person" in Wonderland to evoke Alice's sympathy. He is accused of  stealing tarts in the enchanted garden. Alice saves him from the queen's wrath and execution. Three Sisters  Three little girls whom the Dormouse describes as living in the treacle well. Mock Turtle  A sad "mock turtle" who used to be a tortoise; he regales Alice with accounts of his  peculiar education. He recites the "Lobster-Quadrille." The Mock Turtle's name means "veal," a 
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Unformatted text preview: name that reflects the meaning of his lugubrious verse. He and the Gryphon are not overly hostile or rude to Alice. Gryphon (Griffin) A mythical creature who takes Alice to the Mock Turtle. He is introduced to Alice by the queen. He is polite to Alice and is never overtly hostile. Guinea Pigs Part of the inefficient jury at the Knave of Hearts' trial. Pig/Baby An "infant" whom Alice takes pity on when she sees it being cruelly tested by the Duchess. As Alice is escaping with it, it turns into a baby pig. Mary Ann Servant of the White Rabbit....
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