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About the Po20 - About the Poet Treasured for spare...

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Unformatted text preview: About the Poet Treasured for spare elegance, imagery, and precise language, Elizabeth Bishop revealed her thoughts to readers through regular poetry submissions to The New Yorker magazine. She was skilled at dreamy fantasy and detachment as well as solid description, and she filled her work with the places and emotional states that marked a life much influenced by nomadic travel, lesbianism, depression, and alcohol. In addition to poetry collections, she produced a musical score, juvenile verse, and translations of the poems of Octavio Paz. She also introduced the English-speaking world to Brazilian poetry. Bishop was born on February 8, 1911, in Worcester, Massachusetts. The instability of her childhood derived from the death of her father from kidney failure when she was eight months old and the permanent committal of her mother to an asylum five years later. From that point on, Bishop never permanent committal of her mother to an asylum five years later....
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  • Fall '08
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  • Poetry, American poets H., conventional literary journal, New Yorker magazine., regular poetry submissions, Massachusetts boarding schools, North Shore Country

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