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About the Po32

About the Po32 - About the Poet A multitalented writer...

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Unformatted text preview: About the Poet A multitalented writer, polemist, and literary theorist, Adrienne Cecile Rich is an exponent of a poetry of witness and dissent, a poetry that voices the discontent of those generally silenced and ignored. Prophetic of the bitterness that emerged from 1960s feminism, antiwar protests of the 1970s, and the 1990s gay rights movement, her mature poems breached caution to strike at resentment against sexism and human victimization. In token of shifts in her generation's consciousness, her own awakening extols the personal epiphanies that free the underclass. Radical in content, consciously power-wielding in style, her works embrace language as a liberating, democratizing force. Rich was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on May 16, 1929. Against the intellectual battleground of a Jewish father and Protestant mother, in childhood, she produced two respectable dramas: Ariadne: A...
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