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Adult success brought Berryman fame and some degree of self

Adult success brought Berryman fame and some degree of self...

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Adult success brought Berryman fame and some degree of self-respect. At 21, he published his first  poems in The Columbia Review. While completing a degree at Columbia University, he studied  under Mark Van Doren. On a Kellett Fellowship, Berryman studied at Clare College, Cambridge,  where he became the rare American to win the Oldham Shakespeare Scholarship. He launched a  lengthy and distinguished teaching career, which took him to Wayne State, Harvard, Princeton,  Brown, the universities of Washington and Connecticut, and the University of Iowa Writer's  Workshop. During his classroom career, he completed a much-debated psychoanalytic biography,  Stephen Crane (1950), which revived interest in Crane as a poet. Dubbed a confessional poet, Berryman produced verse for thirty-five years, publishing Poems 
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