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Unformatted text preview: All the King's Men is also structurally complex. That is, the description of events moves back and forth in time in order to show the relationships between the past and the present, to show how people and events come to be as they are. For example, the events in Chapter One take place in 1936 and show Willie Stark to be a man who gets along with the common people, but they also show that he is a man who can be ruthless in dealing with his enemies. The next two chapters cover events that happen between 1922 and 1936; they show how Willie Stark became a political figure after starting out as an ineffective idealist and how he developed into the tough politician that Warren describes in Chapter One. These two chapters also show how Jack Burden came to be involved with Willie Stark. Chapter Four then moves the reader even further back, to involved with Willie Stark....
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