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All the Kin2 - All the King's Men is on one level a novel...

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Unformatted text preview: All the King's Men is, on one level, a novel about a political strong-man in the South during the 1930s.This aspect of the novel focuses on the political situation into which this man thrusts himself, the conditions from which he arises and tries to change, his rise to power, and the resulting changes that occur in him. If this were all that the novel did, it would be an interesting study of politics and of a political figure. All the King's Men, however, is more than simply a political novel, for it is also the story of another man, a former newspaper reporter who works for the politician. As he tells us the story of the politician, the reporter also tells us about himself, about finding himself. Because the reporter was once a student of history, he also explores the effects of the past on the present; indeed, his discovery of the truth about his own past leads him to a new understanding of himself and of the...
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