Although no one has seriously accepted James

Although no one has seriously accepted James - Although no...

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Unformatted text preview: Although no one has seriously accepted James' suggestion that The Ambassadors be read at the rate of five pages a day in order to be fully appreciated, such a statement provides some indication of the difficulties the reader may encounter on first turning to the novel. These difficulties arise primarily from the techniques and devices James employs in the development of the narrative and are a result of two of his technical innovations: the restricted point of view and the subjective inner drama. Because the novel is essentially the record of Strether's inner life and involves his thoughts, feelings, and responses, the internal or subjective narrative passages are very much like actual thought processes — syntactically eccentric, full of sudden echoes, memories, and clusters of connections and associations. While James cannot be said to be practicing the "stream of consciousness" and associations....
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