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Appositive - Euphony"Now red points glow in every face...

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Appositive "Thus momentarily we have the two things a soldier needs for contentment: good food and rest.' "I have killed the printer, G é rard Duval." Caesura "It is all a matter of habit — even the front-line." "The days, the weeks, the years out here shall come back again, and our dead comrades shall then  stand up again and march with us, our heads shall be clear, we shall have a purpose, and so we  shall march, our dead comrades beside us, the year at the Front behind us — against whom, against  whom?" "Pen-holders, a shell as a paper-weight, the ink-well — here nothing is changed." Onomatopoeia "The man gurgles." ". . . smash through the johnnies and then there will be peace." "'Heathen,' she chirps but shuts the door all the same." Alliteration "The satisfaction of months shines in his dull pig's eyes as he spits out: 'Dirty hound!'" "What would become of us if everything that happens out there were quite clear to us?"
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Unformatted text preview: Euphony "Now red points glow in every face. They comfort me: it looks as though there were little windows in dark village cottages saying that behind them are rooms full of peace." "Outside the window the wind blows and the chestnut trees rustle." Cacophony "But first you have to give the Froggies a good hiding." "The storm lashes us, out of the confusion of grey and yellow the hail of splinters whips forth the child-like cries of the wounded, and in the night shattered life groans painfully into silence." Slang "And now get on with it, you old blubber-sticker, and don't you miscount either." "You get off scot free, of course." "That cooked his goose." "Kat has lost all his fun since we have been here, which is bad, for Kat is an old front-hog, and can smell what is coming."...
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