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Bastante  (Spanish) That's enough. (Here, this probably refers to filling the coffee cup and not to the  weather, although it may be referring to both.) Bay  a brown-colored horse with shades ranging from red and yellow to brown. Points (mane and tail)  are black. bizcochos  Mexican biscuits or hard rolls. Bolillos  (Spanish) drumsticks; here, an insulting term. Bolsón  flat land. Bosalea  (Spanish) called a bosal in the United States; a rope noseband used for training. buena suerte
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Unformatted text preview: (Spanish) good luck. Buenas noches (Spanish) Good night. Buenas tardes (Spanish) Good afternoon. Bueno. La tendre esta tarde. (Spanish) Good. I will have it this afternoon. Buenos diás, guapo (Spanish) Good morning, handsome guy. caballero (Spanish) vernacular for "cowboy"; also, originally, "gentleman who travels by horse"; here, both meanings apply. callejones (Spanish) alleys. candelilla large-leaved plants used to make wax. Canela (Spanish) cinnamon....
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