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calibre the size of a bullet or shell as measured by its diameter

Calibre the size of a bullet or shell as measured by its diameter

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calibre  the size of a bullet or shell as measured by its diameter. canteen  a place outside a military camp where refreshments and entertainment are provided for  members of the armed forces. carbolic  a solution used as an antiseptic, disinfectant, etc. Charles the Bald  Charles I A.D. 823–877; king of France (843–877) and, as Charles II, Holy Roman  Emperor (875–877). chemist  [British] a pharmacist. chloroform  a toxic liquid, with a sweet taste, used as a solvent, fumigant, etc. and here as a general  anesthetic. clink  [Informal] a jail; prison. coal-boxes  low velocity German shells; nicknamed "the black Maria," because they emitted dark  smoke. commissariat  food supplies. compositor  a typesetter.
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Unformatted text preview: confectioner's the store of a confectioner, a person whose work or business is making or selling confections or candy. court-martialled convicted by a court-marial, a trial by armed-forces personnel of a person accused of breaking military law. daisy-cutters anti-personnel shells that are fired at ground level. "An der Weser" "On the Weser [River]." dixie an oversized iron cooking pot. Dolbenberg a mountain outside Paul's hometown. dressing-station a first-aid tent where wounded men are stabilized before being transported to military hospitals. dripping the fat and juices that drip from roasting meat. dust-up [Slang] a commotion, quarrel, or fight....
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