Chad hosts a large

Chad hosts a large - Chad hosts a large elaborate party to...

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Unformatted text preview: Chad hosts a large, elaborate party to present to Sarah his whole society, hoping to impress upon her the fact that he is a "gentleman" in Paris in his own right. Chad has treated Sarah beautifully, but Strether doubts whether she is softening at all. He knows one thing — when her course is decided, he will "receive her entire weight." Seated on a divan at the party, Strether and Little Bilham candidly discuss Sarah's reaction to the affair. Bilham says Sarah is pleased with what Chad can do but is determined he shall do it in Woollett where she herself can be in command. Strether begins to talk of Mamie Pocock and tells Bilham he wishes he would marry Mamie. He adds, "I want to have been at least to that extent constructive — even expiatory." Agreeing that a romantic attachment between Chad and Mamie is impossible, Bilham says, "She doesn't want to...
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