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Comal  (Spanish) a hot iron or grill used over an open fire. Comanch, Kiowa  Native American Indian tribes who were located in the central and western plains  of the United States. Cómo están las yeguas?  (Spanish) How are the mares? Como le convenga  (Spanish) Whatever suits you. Cómo?  (Spanish) What? Con respecto de mi cuate  (Spanish) In regard to my buddy. Con respecto de que?  (Spanish) With respect to what? cordilleras  (Spanish) chain of mountains. Coursed  ran. creosote  a shrub of the desert southwest with small leaves and a pungent smell. Also called  greasewood and chaparral. Used as a cancer treatment by the Native Americans.
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Unformatted text preview: Criada (Spanish) maid. Criollo A warm-blood Spanish stock horse, indispensable to the gaucho, or cowboy, of Argentina. A horse with Barb blood, the Criollo is know to be tough and is usually dun-colored. crystal set an old kind of radio, with an earphone for hearing. The crystal picked up the sounds. Cuáles de los caballos son suyos? (Spanish) Which of the horses are yours? Cuándo regresa? (Spanish) When does he return? Cúanto dinero tienes? (Spanish) How much money do you have? cuarenta Y cinco pesos (Spanish) forty-five pesos....
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