denotation the literal definition of a word

Denotation the - a poetic line containing six units often broken into two groupings of three beats hyperbole an exaggeration or overstatement iamb

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denotation  the literal definition of a word. diction  the selection of words and phrasing. elegy  dignified verse that praises, laments, or meditates on a subject. end-stopped  the ending of a thought at the end of a line of poetry. enjambment  thought that continues from one line of poetry into another. euphony  a series of pleasant sounds producing a positive effect. feminine rhyme  a pattern of words concluding on unstressed syllables. foot  a unit of rhythm or cadence. free verse  poetry written in a casual or unpatterned rhythm similar to spoken language. griot  a storyteller or tribal historian. hexameter
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Unformatted text preview: a poetic line containing six units, often broken into two groupings of three beats. hyperbole an exaggeration or overstatement. iamb a metrical unit that contains two syllables, an unstressed beat followed by a stressed beat (- '). idiom a phrase or expression producing meaning beyond the sum of the words. imagery a grouping of word pictures that create a single sense impression of sight, sound, taste, touch, or smell. imagism a free verse study of a single object and its use or purpose. impressionism style stressing personal response to an event or object...
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