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Econ 469 Exam 1 Notes - 1 Transition period a Recovery...

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1. Transition period a. Recovery period 1949-1952 i. Restoring production – getting agriculture and industry back to prewar levels ii. Macro-control – particularly inflation control; had to recall old currency, nationalize the bank iii. Installing a new government –unitary, not federal (theoretically), not at all democratic iv. Begins institutional transformation - use organizational fix (NOT necessarily new technology) particularly in the rural countryside 1. All investment basically in 200 b. First FYP period: Move to planned Soviet-style socialist economy i. Socializing the Countryside: Collectivization of rural china (Handout) 1. Inherited institutions: a. Densely populated usually small farms b. Owner run, sometimes rented, but always privately owned c. Virtually no free land d. Water already tightly controlled e. Wartime disrepair f. Natural groupings: i. Households ii. Neighborhoods (6-10 HHs), iii. Small village (20-50) iv. Village cluster (100-300) v. Market area (3000+, villages centered around a town with a market, the furthest distance between a village and its market would be less than a day’s travel time) 2. Dismantling the old institutions: collectivization targeted the landlord class (NOT all private ownership at first, just large scale or exploitative ownership) a. Robin Hood the land from the landlords through redistribution i. All entirely localized ii. 10 million families total were targeted, all land expropriated, maybe 2 million people killed in process iii. Class differentiation process orchestrated by CCP but implemented locally by peasant organizations 1. Landlords marked as bad, retain a class designation even though they no longer own more land
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iv. Avg rural beneficiary of redistribution
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Econ 469 Exam 1 Notes - 1 Transition period a Recovery...

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